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Andrey Sapegin

1298 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Andrey Sapegin 1298 days ago
Have you ever thought about how long a quadcopter could fly from it's batteries? And what about quadcopters that carry equipment or cargo? It seems that the battery life is still critical, so it would be great if quadcopter could charge it's batteries somewhere "in the wild"  or at least save their capacity by powering up the additional equipment  --- of course, during the flight --- wirelessly from electrical lines!
The project idea bases on inductance. Each wire with electric current creates a magnetic field around. Putting an inductor near the wire allows to take power wirelessly -- from a magnetic field. Using a simple schema we will demonstrate it by powering up a LED, and even try to charge a quadcopter batteries without touching a wire.
Needed Materials:
  • Quadcopter (it should be able to carry some additional equipment); 1 quadcopter with 5V battery is available, but it could be too small to carry equipment, so we still need a bigger one
  • we will make another one by ourselfs, wire available!
  • 2x circuit board, available!
  • 5V

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