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Christian S.

1296 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Anita Jaszewska , Christian S. , Ye Na Rhee , Henry van Wagenberg 1296 days ago
Team members:
Anita Jaszewska (anita.jaszewska@gmail.com)
Ye R Ye Na Rhee (gnrhee@gmail.com)
Henry W Henry van Wagenberg - SmartLogic.io Berlin (henry@smartlogic.io)
Christian S Christian S.
Anita J 2. Describe the problem (or your vision) you wanted to tackle with your hack.
Procrastination is a common problem for kids and young adults growing up in the digital era of distractions. The simplest solution is to divide big tasks into smaller parts and just start doing them one by one, without any distraction.
3. What is the problem you wanted to solve? How would you explain it to your parents? 
According to the Pomodoro technique (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique),  work is the most efficient in 25-minute intervals with a short break inbetween. Build-in timers in smartphones or apps designed for that purpose can be source of distraction by itself (and this is what kids or young adults use the most). To avoid it, we wanted to build a simple, physical object that does not break the focus.
Through the process we came up with two different devices:
1)  Box with set of LED lights and a button. The button sets the time and starts the timer, LEDs indicate how much time is left (like digital hour glass). When the time is up, there is also a sound alarm. It's designed for adults and can be placed on the cover of a laptop, as well as on the table. Seeing the time passing by is motivating to finish the task.
2) Plush toy that after detecting movement (tilting) starts the timer. When time is up, it vibrates and plays the sound. To turn it off, it needs to be moved again. It's designed to fit needs of kids. The orange, fluffy toy can for example be placed on the table, next to the textbook when the child is doing his homework. A gentle signal indicates that it's time to play again!
4. What kind of skills or backgrounds helped to make your hack happen?
Most of our team were absolutely electronics beginners, but our background in programming helped a lot to get started. The main goal was to learn and we succeeded.
5. What was your worst/breakthrough moment during the Science Hack Day?
The hardest part was to decide what we should work on.
6. Photos: Please attach 2 pictures of your hack. Best: 1 in the making and 1 of the final prototype/hack.
Final prototype for adults:
Anita J Kids version just before putting electronic inside the plush toy:
1297 days ago

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