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1261 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Anita Jaszewska 1261 days ago
According to the Pomodoro technique (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique),  work is the most efficient in 25-minute intervals with a short break in-between. Build-in timers in smartphones or apps designed for that purpose can be source of distraction by itself (and this is what kids or young adults use the most). To avoid it, we wanted to build a simple, physical object that does not break the focus.
1296 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Friedemann Altrock , Markus Dücker 1296 days ago
Explore electromagnetic radiation using a cheap DVB-T stick as a Software Defined Radio (SDR).
5. What was your worst/breakthrough moment during the Science Hack Day?
Markus D Our equipment wasn't optimal to receive weaker signals. 
6. Photos: Please attach 2 pictures of your hack. Best: 1 in the making and 1 of the final prototype/hack.
(if you need more photos, please ask Gregor (the photographer)). 
1297 days ago
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1297 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michael Meinel 1297 days ago
Michael M Seasteading Societies
1298 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Andrey Sapegin 1298 days ago
Have you ever thought about how long a quadcopter could fly from it's batteries? And what about quadcopters that carry equipment or cargo? It seems that the battery life is still critical, so it would be great if quadcopter could charge it's batteries somewhere "in the wild"  or at least save their capacity by powering up the additional equipment  --- of course, during the flight --- wirelessly from electrical lines!
The project idea bases on inductance. Each wire with electric current creates a magnetic field around. Putting an inductor near the wire allows to take power wirelessly -- from a magnetic field. Using a simple schema we will demonstrate it by powering up a LED, and even try to charge a quadcopter batteries without touching a wire.
Needed Materials:
  • Quadcopter (it should be able to carry some additional equipment); 1 quadcopter with 5V battery is available, but it could be too small to carry equipment, so we still need a bigger one
  • we will make another one by ourselfs, wire available!
  • 2x circuit board, available!
  • 5V
1299 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Stephan Fortelny 1299 days ago
I'm looking for people to collaborate on an android app that will help people repair their bikes. So far, my idea was that the app will have three key features:
  • live documenting - while somebody repairs their bike, they should be able to document their progress live. this could be in text, pictures, videos, ...
  • commenting and communicating - others that view the documentation, either at the same time or later on, should be able to comment and provide help for others
  • connect with local topic experts - a major part is to connect people repairing their bikes with bike enthusiasts in their neighborhood that are willing to help them
Who am I looking for? 
Anybody having an interest in mobile design and development and with some experience in programming
Originally, I come from a background in informatics. I have worked for two different startups as a web developer. Now, I am studying interaction design at Malmö University in Sweden. The app is part of my final project and I am planning to test it with people back in Malmö.
Stephan F Are you game? Or do have anymore questions?
Add them here:
1301 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dario Brandes 1301 days ago
A glove to type like on a keyboard
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